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Provisia offers the best print quality on the market.

Confused by all the choices? To help you find the paper that suits your work the best, you’ll find information on all our products below.

What paper types does Provisia offer?

Provisia offers a vast selection of professional Fuji/Epson and Epson paper as well as paper from local providers.

• For prints on our Noritsu equipment, we use Fuji/Epson silver halide paper:

-Lustre silver halide (traditional) paper - often used to print professional projects such as wedding photos, portraits, or commercial work. It is also well-suited to demo work. This is our most popular paper.

-Glossy silver halide (traditional) paper - a versatile paper that provides vivid color reproduction.

-Metallic silver halide (traditional) paper - often used for professional and commercial photography. Ideal for images with high contrast or vivid colours. Also well-suited for demo work.

For prints on our Noritsu dry-lab printer, we use Lustre paper (not to be confused with the silver halide (traditional) lustre or the Fine Art inkjet (giclé) lustre paper. Suitable for portraits, commercial photography, or black and white prints

For inkjet prints on our Epson 9 or 11 colour cartridge printers, we use the following papers:

-Lustre Fine Art inkjet (giclé) paper - Fuji/Epson satin (270 gsm) - landscape, commercial photography (minimal sensitivity to fingerprints)

Glossy Fine Art inkjet (giclé) paper - Fuji/Epson (240 gsm) - all-purpose use (minimal sensitivity to fingerprints)

Presentation Matte Fine Art inkjet (giclé) paper - Fuji/Epson (230 gsm) - all-purpose use (no sensitivity to fingerprints)

Cold Press Fine Art inkjet (giclé) paper - Epson/Fuji/Epson (340 gsm) - its 100% cotton fibre base has a natural, warm tone. This matte paper gives your photos a fine art quality and rich, vivid colour. Its thickness and texture feel great to the touch (slight sensitivity to fingerprints).

Canvas Fine Art inkjet (giclé) - (400 gsm) - 100% cotton canvas surface. All-purpose use: portrait, wedding, landscape, modeling, family, commercial. A perfect gift.

*Depending on market conditions, we may substitute certain paper types with an equivalent.

What kind of equipment does Provisia use?

 Provisia prints on three different types of printers:

Silver halide prints on traditional Noritsu equipment

Dry-lab prints on Noritsu equipment

Inkjet (giclé) prints on Epson 9 or 11 colour cartridge printers

Which paper should I choose?

To choose the right paper, take the following criteria into account:

Photography genre (wedding, portrait, landscape, etc.)

Photographer’s project (to highlight an interesting texture, for example, we suggest matte paper (Presentation matte, Cold press), lustre paper, or canvas)

Display location (avoid printing on glossy paper if the photo will be displayed under direct light or framed under glass. Use matte or lustre paper to minimize unwanted reflections)

Depending on the paper, the printer and the print type, you’ll get consistent results, but each of them will bring out something different and interesting in your photos.